Construction of moulds for plastic details and die sets

Automation and non-standard equipment

Developed in 1992, KRASCO-Co Ltd is standing as a great partner of companies in mould making and die sets stamping. To get additional value to our customers we made next step and from the beginning of 2008, along with daily base consultation we close the process with offering designing of mould bases and die sets. Until now we are cooperating the manufacturing processes to subcontractors which are our customers too.

Until now the service is used by manufacturers of:

– Cash registers
– Programmable controllers
– Roller blinds
– Liquid milk cream
– Electronic modules
– Rings for poultry farming
– Security systems
– Parts for wind surfing

Consulting and trainings

Based on many years of experience we are offering consulting and trainings in field of:

– Mould base and die set production
– Hot runner system

KRASCO-Co Ltd is making the whole process from designing to manufacturing of large range of non-standard machines and devices. Our projects are varying from hand devices to fully automated lines for measuring or installation.

Every project is strictly individual with different stage of complexity and requirements, which needs high reliability of mechatronic devices on cost efficient pricing. That’s why our projects are approved by foreign audits and procedures such as SPC and CPK.

Until now the service is used for projects of:

– High-tech production line in field of automotive industry
– Testers for end control of manufacturing of electronic modules
– Devices and machines for assembling of different parts
– Frames for selective soldering
– Bending and cutting devices
– Automated stations for laser engraving
– Semi-automated stations for contactless measuring of objects with layer laser or technical vision
– Automation in mold base production
– Automation of processing such as assemblage, printing, measuring, engraving, inscription etc.
– Copy cutters for surfboards
– Grinding automats

Consulting and trainings

Based on our experience we are offering consulting and trainings in field of:

– Automate technics and mechatronics
– SolidWorks designing